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Eyelashes From A Cutting-Edge Salon

Vanity Lash Lounge is the cutting edge salon for eyelash extensions. We focus on the health and safety of your lashes while giving you the look of your dreams. Our technicians are trained to the highest ability and will work with you to determine the style that will look the best on you!

During your first application, your technician will discuss with you the process of the eyelash extension application and go over after care procedures so you are prepared to take care of your new lashes. We work with your natural lashes, so the length and number of extensions applied will be dependent on the condition and makeup of your natural lashes.

Choosing a qualified salon, such as Vanity Lash Lounge, is an important decision. Eyelash extensions get a bad rap for damaging natural lashes, this is because there are many lash technicians and salons who do not specifically care for the health and longevity of your natural lashes. This is when the damage occurs. Here at Vanity Lash Lounge, our technicians are trained to preserve and cherish your natural lashes so that in the event that you remove your extensions, you will still have your beautiful natural lashes!

You are in trustworthy hands at Vanity Lash Lounge for a safe and successful experience in attaining the gorgeous look you have always dreamed of!


Consider Getting Eyelash Extensions

If you are considering getting eyelash extensions, Vanity Lash Lounge can transform your look while offering a clean, sterile environment with a relaxing, cutting-edge, open concept atmosphere.

Eyelash extensions are gaining popularity and if you wish to know a little bit more about the application of lash extensions, please read on and let us guide you through the process.


Choose the Length and Curl for the Look You Want

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers comprised of polyester and silk that are curved to mimic the look of a natural eyelash. The extensions are thicker at the base and taper to a fine point. They are applied to a single natural eyelash, one at a time, using a bonding agent, to add gorgeous length and fullness.

You can choose the length and curl for the look you want to achieve and if you are not sure, our stylists will help guide you to a beautiful outcome!

Our Eyelash Extensions Last 2 to 3 Weeks Before Needing a Touch Up

With good care, your extensions will last the life-span of your natural lashes. As your natural eyelashes shed at the rate of one to three lashes per day, your individual extensions will shed along with them, therefore requiring a fill every two to three weeks. Vanity Lash Lounge carries a top end luxury line of products for lash care, which has been specifically formulated to extend the longevity of your lash extensions.

You Can Still Wear Eye Makeup

You can still wear eye makeup as long as it is not wax-based, as this can be damaging to your extensions. Make sure to remove any eye shadow or eyeliner carefully with a gentle cleanser available in our lash lounge.
Since the whole purpose of extensions is to make your lashes fuller and longer, you do not need to use mascara. However, if you want to try a different look, we do carry a specially formulated makeup line that includes mascara and eyeliner that can enhance your extensions and will not cause damage.

You should never attempt to remove your own extensions, as you will probably end up losing your natural eyelashes along with them. If you want them removed, our expert technicians can remove them as painlessly and easily as they went on.


Imagine Eyelash Extensions That Feel Weightless

Vanity Lash Lounge takes the greatest care, using the most effective sterilization methods to ensure your protection and safety. Our eyelash extensions feel weightless and natural! Here at Vanity Lash Lounge, we pamper and value the health of your lashes.

We give education and tips on how to care for your lashes to create the best possible outcome. Applying eyelash extensions is a highly skilled and technical procedure performed while you relax and perhaps nap on a comfortable bed. Each one of our lash artists has been trained to meet the highest standards, allowing us to give you beautiful, healthy lashes for years to come!

Lash Lift for Natural Eyelashes

If you want a longer lash look with your natural eyelashes, try our amazing lash lift service! This service takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Special silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length which makes the eyes appear more open.

You will want to pick up some of our specially formulated mascara which will enhance and strengthen your lashes while not breaking down the product used to create your new look.

Eyelash Tints for Beautiful Eyelashes Without Using Mascara

Add some tint and you won’t need mascara anymore! For those who have naturally beautiful, long and full eyelashes, we do offer lash tinting. This process darkens your already beautiful eyelashes, giving you an enhanced look without having to use mascara.

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